Washington D.C.’s most famous landmarks are clustered in and around the National Mall and Memorial Parks, spanning 2 ¼ miles from the Lincoln Memorial to the U.S. Capitol. The National Mall is a national park encompassing 146 acres. We enjoyed walking along the National Mall and the Reflecting Pool. From the Lincoln Memorial we could see the reflection of the Washington Monument and the U.S. Capitol building.

We stayed at the Cherry Hill RV Park in College Park, Maryland. It was located next to the University of Maryland and a short ride on the Green Line Metro to the D.C. Archives stop.

Steve and Patty conducted family research at the Archives Research Center and the D.A.R. Daughters of American Revolution Library.

Steve discovered his Mother/Grandmother side of his family George Washington Emmerson (Grandmother’s Father) born in Goochland, Virginia 1832 and died in Texas in 1900. Patty found the documents of her Mother’s family heritage, General Robert Lewis arrived on the ship “Blessing” in 1635 from Brecon, Wales. Her Father’s Pennsylvania Schweisshelm family line arrived on the ship “St. Michael” in 1753 from Mainz, Germany.

There are 19 free admittance museums within the Smithsonian Museum. We choose the Natural History Museum, and Gallery of Outdoor Arts, to visit during our short visit to ‘the swamp’.

Anyone can call their Senator or Congressperson and request a tour of the Capitol Building. We had a personal tour of the Senate Chambers, which was not in session. The Senate’s Chamber has served as the Senate’s meeting place since 1859. Additional wing extensions were added to the original Capitol building to accompany the growing number of Senators and Representatives when new states were admitted to the Union. Joe Biden was Vice President (Senate Presiding Officer) at the time of our visit so it was cool to see where he sits presiding over the Senate for the past eight years.

There are underground railway cars located in the basement level., connecting the Senate and House of Representative’s office buildings. This allows the Congress members easier access to the Capitol during voting on laws (and not deal with the street traffic). Patty loved remembering the times she would run down the tunnels to get to a Congress member or their Aides or a Congressional Hearing, or better yet a cocktail party when she was a lobbyist for Association of Flight Attendants AFL-CIO.


Old Town Alexandria is a beautifully preserved historic district on the Potomac River. Old Town’s cobblestone streets and red brick sidewalks is located in the center of the city of Alexandria. King Street, Old Town’s main thoroughfare, is a mile long with shops, restaurants, galleries, and outdoor cafes. It was fun to look at the historic architecture and walk along a path next to the Potomac River waterfront. On Sunday we went into a beautiful English country-style church built between 1767and 1773. Both George Washington and Robert E. Lee attended this church.

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