We are at the finish line of our two-month Alaska RV caravan tour. It is the end of August and the colors of autumn are prominent. We made many friends to go visit and share stories in years to come. Alaska was vast, rugged, beautiful and an experience we will always remember (hopefully).

Steve was looking forward to this leg of the trip. He wanted to see bears catching salmon at creek side. From Skagway along the way to Hyder Alaska, we passed Bear Glacier. Bear Glacier is 13 miles long in the Kenai Fjords National Park. We could see the toe of the glacier from Glacier Highway #37A.

Hyder is nestled at the head of Portland Canal, a 90-mile long saltwater fjord that forms a portion of the US/Canadian border. Hyder is about 2 miles from Stewart, British Columbia. Hyder is famous for viewing bears catching dog and pink salmon. We went to the boardwalk and viewing platforms above Fish Creek and Marx Creek. This was going to be the highlight of Steve’s Alaska adventure. We saw zero, nada, not one bear. We tried three different times, evening, dawn, midday but to no avail. Too late, the bears were full of salmon and headed into the hills for winter. ;(

Gold and silver mining dominated Stewart’s early economy. Mining activity stopped in 1956 with the exception of the Granduc copper mine. It was a one street town with many abandoned homes and buildings.

Joyce and Ron Bell joined us in our jeep for a four-wheel drive experience past spectacular and rugged scenery along the Salmon River to the eastern edge of Summit Lake and Salmon Glacier. We drove out past Premier Copper Mine to the toe of the Salmon Glacier. Massive Salmon Glacier was Patty’s favorite experience of her Alaska tour.
Salmon Glacier is the fifth biggest glacier in the world. It is an impressive centuries-old swath of snow and ice that cuts through mountains and valleys. The glacier shows a line of rock debris called a medial moraine running down the middle of the glacier. The face of the glacier always changes with crevasses being created by the cross movement of the ice flow. Summit Lake is located at the northern end of the glacier.

We stopped at the Jade Cassiar Mountain Store to watch a man cut huge jade boulders. The Princess Jade Mine is near by. It is one of the largest jade claims in the world.

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