Our Bow Rivers Edge RV Park was in the town of Cochrane, Alberta. It is in the Bow Valley and 20 minutes west of Calgary’s city limits. Daily on the way to Calgary, we passed the 1988 Olympic site where the Jamaican Bobsledders lost the event but found their fame.

The Calgary Stampede opens with a spectacular parade that had over 700 horses, 15 marching bands, 125 entries and over 4,000 participants. A cowboy rode a 3,000-pound Brahma bull named Wild West Willie. The first Parade started in 1912 and still goes on today as a kick-off to the Calgary Stampede Rodeo.

Calgary Stampede is one of the most prestigious rodeo competition in the world, with $2 million in prizes for the six events; tie-down calf roping, steer wrestling, bareback and saddle bronco busting, bull riding, and barrel racing. We attended two days of rodeo. Our seats were front and center of all the action.

We were spectators to the Chuckwagon Races. This is a rodeo sport in which drivers in a Chuckwagon and a team of thoroughbred horses race around a track for the $1 million prize money. It is quite a different horse race than we have ever seen. The driver sits in the Chuckwagon with a team of four horses ready to start the race. Two Outriders support the driver. The Outriders start the race by “breaking camp” tossing a barrel representing a camp stove into the back of the Chuckwagon before mounting their horses. The Chuckwagon then completes a figure eight around two barrels before entering and circling the racetrack. First one to cross the finish line wins.

After the Chuckwagon races we were entertained with a musical show with young Canadian performers, ballerinas, singers, dancers, tight wire walkers, motorcycle stunt riders. It was a musical tribute to the founder of the Calgary Stampede Guy Weadick. The evening ended in a Spectacular fireworks show.

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