Steve and Patty met the Adventure Caravan group of 20 RVs in Great Falls, Montana. For 61 days from July 4th to September 2nd we will be traveling and touring the Canadian Rocky Mountains, attending the Calgary Stampede Rodeo, and driving to many scenic places in Alaska.

Southern Alberta:
We passed large fields of rolled up hay, blue flax flowers, and yellow canola flowers. Canola oil is made out of modified rapeseed. The rapeseed oil was too acidic, so the scientist removed the erucic acid and called the seed canola from the acronym Canada Oil Low Acid. The yellow flower falls off; the seedpod is dried and put through an oil press.

Remington Carriage Museum:
The Remington Carriage Museum is packed with horse-drawn vehicles. There are over 250 carriages, coaches, buggies, wagons, sleighs, chuck-wagon, stagecoach and even an ornately crafted hearse. Don Remington began collecting horse-drawn vehicles in 1954 in Cardston, Alberta. He started his hobby and over 33 years he gathered a collection of 48 vehicles. The Province of Alberta built the Remington Carriage Museum to house and show his collection.

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump:
Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump is the location where the Plains People for thousands of years drove the buffalo off the high cliffs to sustain their tribes. The Olsen Creek Basin served as a feeding and gathering area for the buffalo herds. The buffalo runners gradually lured the herds toward the sandstone cliff. Two rows of stone mounds marked the edges of the drive lane, where the buffalos were directed toward a specific part of the cliff. The jump was first used about 5,700 years ago. At the bottom of the cliff jump, butchering and processing of the buffalo meat was performed.

At the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Museum, the Blackfoot Indians of the First Nations performed drumming, singing and dancing.

Great Canadian Barn Dance and Family Campground RV Resort:
We stayed at the Great Canadian Barn Dance and Family Campground RV Resort in Hill Spring Southern Alberta. There is a barn on the property. The family that owns the RV Park provided a dinner and live music show of the Kunkel Family band playing songs from the Canadian singer and songwriter Gordon Lightfoot.

Fort MacLeod:
The North West Mounted Police as a headquarters to bring law and order to the Canadian Wild West established Fort MacLeod in 1874. The North West Mounted Police Museum is located in Fort MacLeod. We watched a Traditional Riding Demonstration Show of the Mounted Police riding on well-trained horses trotting to music.

Heritage Park Historical Village:
The Heritage Park Historical Village is a 127-acre living history of a bustling young prairie town. Costumed interpreters depicted “How the West was Once” at Canada’s largest living history rustic village and museum. The park spans the 1860’s pioneer era. We enjoyed a relaxing ride on the S.S. Moyie Paddlewheel boat.

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