Fernandes Family Reunion – Grants Pass, Oregon:
On Labor Day Weekend, the Fernandes family consisting of Steve’s sisters, daughters, grandchildren, great grandchildren, gathered at Patricia and Herb Heier home in Grants Pass, Oregon. It was great weather and good food for all attending. Hawaiian style Pig Roasts is a Fernandes tradition. Steve learned from the best, his dad Joe.

Arriving at Steve’s sister home a few days early, we had time to organize the Pig Roast. It took days to find a butcher/rancher with a pig for sale. After Steve ordered the little 75 lb. porker, the rancher continued to feed the pig. At pick up, the pig weighed in at 100 lbs.

We explored Grants Pass food markets for various menu ingredients; corn husks, banana leaves, tealeaves, fresh watercress, poi. Cornhusks and banana leaves were used to wrap the piggy in before lowering him into Hand Selected Lava Rocks. Thanks and shout out to Steve, Patty, Lena and Austin for excellent lava rock gathering.

Steve’s Kalua Pig was accompanied with;Chicken Hecca, Lomi-Lomi Salmon, Charsui Pork Strips, Pig Pit Roasted Potatoes, Pig Pit Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Pig Pit Roasted Chicken, Fried Rice, Poi, Macaroni Salad, New Orleans Style Red Beans and Rice, Deschutes Mirror Pond Beer, and Black Butte Porter Beer. So Delicious and so much fun continued for days with the combined Fernandes-Heier-Swisshelm Bunch!

Jacksonville, Oregon
The Siekmann, Clifford, Swisshelm lineage drove to the cute western town of Jacksonville Oregon. We had a nice lunch at Back Porch Bar and Grill and root beer floats at the Scoop Shoppe. After all the families drove back home, Steve and I were so sad that Pat and Herb had to help us drown our sorrows at the Jacksonville Oktoberfest. Jacksonville Heritage Society Oktoberfest is a celebration of Jacksonville’s German heritage serving over 30 beers on tap, oompah music, bratwurst, and beer stein holding competition. ‘Masskrugstemmen’ is a Bavarian sport holding a 1 liter stein of beer with arms outstretched without dropping your arms and spilling.

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