The Grand Tetons is Steve’s favorite place, ever. Grand Teton National Park covers 310,000 acres, which includes the Teton Mountain Range, Glacial Lakes and part of the Jackson Hole Valley. Grand Teton Summit at 13,770 feet is the highest peak in the Teton Range. Mt. Owen is the second highest summit.

We stayed at the Headwaters RV Park at Flagg Ranch on the northern border, which is just south of Yellowstone National Park. It did not have Internet access, so we would go to Jackson Lake Lodge. We would sit in the lobby in front of large 60’ panoramic picture windows with showcase views of Jackson Lake, willow flats, wetlands, and the northern Teton Range.

We had a good time paddling around String Lake in our inflatable kayak. The next day we let someone else take the oars on the Snake River Boat Cruise from Pacific Creek to Deadman’s Bar and Menor’s Bridge.

One day we rode our bikes from Jenny Lake to Maud Noble Cabin and General Store by Menor’s Ferry. Weather changes abruptly with afternoon thunderstorms coming on fast. We had to ride like the wind when raindrops starting coming on. Thunder was rolling and a bolt of lighting struck right next to us. So scary!

The drive up to Signal Mountain was gorgeous. We could look down at Oxbow Bend of Snake River where Steve had his lucky trout-fishing hole. On the other side of the road was a view of the “Cathedral Group” of mountain peaks; the Grand Teton, the Tewinot and Mt. Owen. A surprise happened on the drive down, a baby bear was in the bushes eating huckleberries.

Mormon’s row is where the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints settled in the late 1800’s. Their cabins were settled among sagebrush flats, cottonwood, and aspen trees. We witnessed historical structure preservation work going on.

It was fun shopping and having lunch at the Hatch Restaurant. The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar with the saddle bar stools, case of cowboy spurs and old western feel is a must to visit. The city center park has four entrances each adorned with huge arches of elk antlers. We also went to an artist exhibit at the Jackson Hole Ski Area.

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