Nappanee, Indiana is Amish country. We went to the Newmar Coach RV factory to have some warranty work done. It was a different world. Steve marveled at the Amish quarter horses while I tried to stop myself from buying Amish homemade baked goods. I am on a search for the best biscuits, which I believe I found at the Essen House Restaurant in Middlebury, Indiana.


We stayed in Valparaiso, Indiana on neighbor Chad’s farm. It was down the street from my friend’s house, Lydia and Lonnie Price. We had a great time exercising at the gorgeous YMCA and hanging out in Valpo.


Five of us drove along Beverly Shores Lake Michigan Indiana Dunes to New Buffalo, Michigan. Steve had to sit through Marquette Park Elementary School stories since Lucy Donovan, Lydia Price, Lonnie Price and Patty have known each other since fourth grade when we were in class together. We had a great time having dinner at the Stray Dog Café and walking down New Buffalo Main Street.


We visited Steve’s daughter Taryn in Chicago. Taryn was busy studying for her Chicago Medical School exam. We did pull her away from the books for dinner and drinks. Hotel Lincoln roof top bar and lounge was really fun. What a view of the city and the Lake. We got to go to our favorite places; D4 Irish pub for lunch, El Mariachi for brunch, and Roy’s Seafood at the Gold Coast for dinner (not all in one day).


We drove past windmill farms, green fields and white barns to Dublin, Ohio. We had a great visit with Steve’s golf buddy from way back in Redding California days; Bud Switers and his wife Kathy Switers.

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