With Memorial Day clear skies and warm temperatures, we witnessed the 99th Indianapolis 500 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indiana. The 33 single seat, open cockpit, open wheel Indy racecars zoom around a 2.5 mile oval circuit for 200 laps. The Chevy or Honda engine is 22 Liter V6 twin turbo charged and tuned from 550 to 700 horsepower. The lap speed is around 267 MPH. Only Firestone tires are allowed.

There were three crashes and a chase to the finish line. It was very very exciting and I was glad I could hold my camera straight. The top five winners are:

  1. Juan Pablo Montoya  Car Red & White Verizon Chevy #2
  2. Will Power                   Car Black & White Verizon Chevy #1
  3. Charlie Kimball           Car Green Flextouch Chevy #83
  4. Scott Dixon                  Car Red & White Target Chevy #9
  5. Graham Rahal             Car Red Maxim Honda #15

Our friends Frances Choun and Bill West flew out from San Francisco to party and go to the Races with us. We had the most convenient RV space, right down from the entrance, on a grassy lawn, RV and Trailers everywhere, Beer, BBQ, Checkered Flags, IU Hoosier Red T-shirts, and Satellite coverage for the Golden State Warriors Western Conference games against Houston Rockets. More fun than I thought it would be!

Please click on individual photo to go to the Gallery.

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