Nashville is so much fun. We could only spend one night there since we needed to drive to Indianapolis for the Indy 500. We will definitely go back there again. The KOA RV Park in Music Valley offered a continuous shuttle to the downtown Nashville’s “Honky Tonk Highway” on Broadway, Second Avenue, and Printer’s Alley. I was so excited that Steve and I didn’t have to “Ro-Sham-Bo” for designated driver. Free live music plays in the bars and restaurants from 10am to 3am everyday. No cover charge but ordering a beer and filling the tip jar was appreciated. We spent hours listening to all types of music; country, pop, rock, blues, bluegrass, soul. If we didn’t like the band we would go back in two hours and a different group would be performing. Music City, USA where music is written, recorded and performed.


We spent one night in Louisville. My Swisshelm Grandparents lived in the Clifton neighborhood in Louisville. My family spent many days running around their old Victorian home, playing in the park and in the muddy creek. Our good friend JoAnne Berlin grew up in Louisville and recommended a ‘farm to table’ restaurant in a newly restored historic section of town. The East Market District called NuLu standing for “New Louisville” was less than a mile away from where my grandparents lived. The Harvest Restaurant had the tastiest buttermilk fried chicken, moreover the longest list of Bourbon we had ever seen.

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