Gulf Shores, Alabama is located on the southern border of Alabama and on the northern shores of the Gulf of Mexico. There are 32 miles of white sand beaches. The white sand is made almost entirely from quartz grains washed down from the Appalachian Mountains thousands of years ago. The Gulf water is an amazing shade of blue, green, turquoise that was absolutely breath taking.

We stayed in the Gulf State Park. It is located in the 6,000 acres refuse between the towns of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. The Park fronts two miles of the 32-mile beachfront. The park’s 1,540-foot pier allowed enough room for the fishermen to try their luck at catching snapper, grouper or cobia. We had a great time riding on the paved bike paths past sand dunes, scrub forests, saltwater marshes and Lake Shelby. A bonus was golfing on the inexpensive 18-hole golf course located within the Gulf State Park. We will come back to this RV Park again. It was clean, quiet, beautiful sunsets, a lot of bike paths, ocean front and wild blackberries to pick for breakfast.

We attended the Bama Coast Cruise car show in Orange Beach Alabama. It was fun inspecting the antique vintage roadsters, cruisers, hot rods, coupes, muscle cars and lots and lots and lots of corvettes. It was too bad the 14-mile parade cruise along Orange Beach was rained out.


Fort Morgan was constructed from 1819 to 1834. It was positioned on the point where the Mobile Bay Channel meets the Gulf of Mexico. In 1861 during the Civil War, the Confederate Army used Fort Morgan for protection until 1864 when the Confederates surrendered to the Union’s naval and land forces. Union Admiral Farragut leading his 18-ship fleet through the minefield and into Mobile Bay gave the famous, “Damn the torpedoes Full speed ahead.” order.


Biloxi Mississippi was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The high winds, heavy rains and 30’ storm surge caused heavy damage. 90% of the buildings along the coast were destroyed beyond repair. Biloxi is slowly bouncing back. 24 hour gambling casinos along the “Poor man’s Riviera” and Mayor Fo Fo Gilich (I did not make up this name) efforts may bring Biloxi back to pre Katrina economy.

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