What a fun town. We rode our bikes along the 10-mile bike path bordering the Colorado River. The River was filled with Sunday boaters, kayakers, paddleboarders, and strange bicycles built into plastic boats. We went to the last day of Austin Rodeo and watched the championship bareback riding, barrel racing, bull riding. Crazy cowboys trying to win the big belt buckle, at least they wear helmets.

We had fun going to all the music, restaurant and bar suggestions from Kevin and Hamilton. 6th Street, Rainey Street, South Congress, and Red River districts each are unique and have lots to offer. We had to have original BBQ at Franklin’s BBQ. We tried for three days in a row to eat there. Wednesday at 3pm and it was closed since they sold out of food, Thursday at 11:30am they only had chipped beef on the menu and it would be a 3 hour wait. On Friday, we lined up at 9:45am and waited until 3pm to get in. People line up at 6am for the restaurant to open at 11am.

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