Our first stop on our three year journey was Palm Springs/Palm Desert California. I hadn’t been to Palm Springs since 1970’s. Once a vibrant town has slowly shifted towards Palm Desert. So Steve and I headed to Palm Desert and met up with my sister Carol and her husband Brian.

We toured Joshua Tree National Park all day. The Mojave Desert with elevations above 3,000 feet  and the Colorado Desert with elevations below 3,000 feet  blend together. I was excited to see Joshua Tree being intrigued as to why an Irish musician named Bono would name his first U2 album release in the US “The Joshua Tree”. Did his rose colored glasses influence him into thinking that the desert is a beautiful place compared to the green hills of Dublin? It was an interesting place, miles and miles of rock, desert, and yucky yucca cactus.

Please click on individual photo to go to the Gallery.

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